Shikakai or Acacia concinna is a well-known hair care product. This ‘fruit for hair’ is commonly used as the traditional shampoo. In order to prepare, the fruit pods are picked and cleansed properly, dried and then grinded into fine powder which is then packed into a beautiful container in sterile condition.

It cleanses the hair in a natural way without the mixture of any chemicals like sulphate; it also removes dandruff and acts as a Detangler (Natural Hair Conditioner).Since the pH level is mild and low the layers of the hair is not spoilt and the admirable glow of it is maintained.


Shikakai powder is a kind of herbal tonic for hair growth and it vitalizes the hair keratin so brittle of hair, under nourishment hair, hair loss, split ends, damaged hair, greasy hair etc.. can be repaired.

Vedha Shikakai is one of the unique products from us which contains 100% shikakai in its natural form. We never compromise with the quality of our product in spite of the market competition and price factor.